Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Real Life Sea Monsters from Your Nightmares

The sea contains untold numbers of strange and bizarre creatures. The vast majority of the earth’s oceans and seas are unexplored. Is it really hard to believe that there are creatures that live so far down or in such remote areas, that they are rarely, if ever, seen by humans. The waters of this planet go mostly unexplored. It is very easy to hypothesize that we have not come close to cataloging all the creatures that dwell in these waters. There has been many a sailor who has told stories of seeing strange creatures while on the high seas. Are these just ramblings or are they actual eye witness accounts of creatures yet unknown to science. For example, the giant squid was thought of as a creature of myth and legend until recently. It is said that we know more about our own solar system than we know about our oceans. Indeed, some creatures of the sea can seem more alien than anything you can imagine. But even worse, some of them can seem more frightening than your worst nightmare.

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